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# Demo of a simple proportional line follower using two sensors # It's deliberately flawed and will exit with errors in some circumstances; # try fixing it! from ev3dev2.motor import MoveSteering, OUTPUT_B, OUTPUT_C from ev3dev2.sensor import INPUT_1, INPUT_2, INPUT_3, INPUT_4 from import ColorSensor, GyroSensor, UltrasonicSensor steering_drive = MoveSteering(OUTPUT_B, OUTPUT_C) colorLeft = ColorSensor(INPUT_2) colorRight = ColorSensor(INPUT_3) gyro = GyroSensor(INPUT_4) ultrasonic = UltrasonicSensor(INPUT_1) GAIN = 0.5 while True: print('Gyro: ' + str(gyro.angle_and_rate)) print('Ultrasonic: ' + str(ultrasonic.distance_centimeters)) error = colorLeft.reflected_light_intensity - colorRight.reflected_light_intensity correction = error * GAIN steering_drive.on(correction, 20)

* Dimensions are in mm and degrees.
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