About Us


A Posteriori is a provider of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) education services in Singapore. Our name is borrowed from Latin for “from what comes after”. In philosophy, A Posteriori knowledge is derived from experience, and it succinctly describes our belief that a learner must be given the freedom to tinker and experiment, and that the experience thus gained will lead to enduring learning.

Our instructors are trained to put the joy of learning front and center in every lesson, while injecting a mix of curiosity, design thinking and the technical skills necessary to achieve goals and overcome problems. In every challenge, students are given the opportunity to find their own approach; both efficiency and creativity are equally rewarded. Meeting adversity head-on, utilizing trial-and-error as a means to an end – these important and transcendent skills are inherently taught throughout activities.

At the end of each of our curriculum modules, our students will have created their own unique product, be it a game, an artist portfolio, a robot, or an electronic gadget. They earn a sense of accomplishment and ownership through the application of their own skills, and by adding their personal flair.

Having truly tinkered, they will posses the relevant A Posteriori knowledge!

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Engineering Practices

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Story Telling & Animation
Game Design
Mobile Apps

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3D Design & Printing

Design Thinking & Prototyping