Who We Are



A Posteriori was formed as a partnership between Yoni Garbourg and Wee Choon Kiat (Cort).  Yoni and Cort both have had long careers, and arrived at this venture with a myriad of experiences, including developing and conducting technology, engineering, design, and even liberal arts courses to audiences ranging from kindergartners to professionals.

A Posteriori believes in a constructionist pedagogy, where students have control over their learning experience, and where all inquiries are treated as constructivist models that a pupil could manipulate, both personally and socially.  Therefore, a lot of our focus in programme design and implementation is spent on:

  • Creating broad contexts for inquiry

  • Transforming abstract concepts into physical manifestations

  • Allowing time for experimentation with ideas, as well as time for trial & error

  • Focusing thoughts and skills to sharp levels of understanding and ability

  • Connecting with students, and allowing them to connect with one another for enhanced learning processes based on sharing, respect, and team work

Contact us: info@aposteriori.com.sg