Other Resources

These are some of our course materials that are not targeted at any particular competitions. For materials  related to competitions (including our popular Lego EV3 guides), look here.



Basic EV3 for Beginners

Camp Asia 2019

General Robotics Topics

  • Line Following (Programming) (ODP / PDF)

SG Digital Wonderland (Internet-of-Things Workshop)

  • Slides (ODP / PDF)
  • Exercise Code (ZIP)
  • Other Examples (Door Control) (ZIP)
  • Other Examples (Pet Feeder) (ZIP)
  • Other Examples (NeoPixel Photo Frame) (ZIP)
  • Other Examples (NeoPixels Lamp) (ino)


MIT App Inventor

  • Lessons Slides: Day 1 (ODP / PDF)
  • Lessons Slides: Day 2 (ODP / PDF)
  • Lessons Slides: Day 3 (ODP / PDF)
  • Lessons Slides: Day 4 (ODP / PDF)
  • Lessons Slides: Day 5 (ODP / PDF / APK)

LEGO Mindstorms

  • Python on EV3DEV (ODP / PDF)
  • Python Commands on EV3DEV (ODT / PDF)

Chung Cheng High School Student Projects

CoSpace Rescue