Arduino Cloud IoT with ESP8266 & micro:bit

micro:bit -> esp8266Simplified Wiring

Arduino Cloud IoT


  • Add New IoT Thing

    Under Setup:
  • Add Variable –
    • SMM Zone Alert – Boolean (Read Only)
    • Hawker Stall # – Integer Number (Read & Write)

Under Select Device:

  • Setup New Device
  • Select the correct board:
  • Name your Device
  • Copy the Secret Key / download the PDF (you will need it in Network setting)

Under Network:

  • Configure with your Hotspot SSID/Password that your device will use to connect to the internet from any location.
  • For Secret Key – use the one from Device setup above

Under Sketch:

  • For simple Boolean example like SMM Zone Alert, add the following under setup() & loop():
void setup() {

  pinMode(D1, INPUT);
void loop() {

  varname = digitalRead(D1);  // read the pin state on D1 
                              // D1 is connected to micro:bit
  • Verify & Flash the code – make sure your board is connected


  • Navigate to “Dashboards”
  • Build New Dashboard
  • Add widget – for SMM Alert, you can use a Status widget, or LED, etc
    • Link the Thing Variable you’d like to track
    • Change any settings
    • Save
  • Test! (should be able to see widget states change with the micro:bit changes to its output pin – can use button A/B to write different states to the pin – 0 in the above example)