Arduino – Basic Curriculum

Arduino Reference Material

  • Arduino Lesson 1 – Arduino Input & Output (PDF, ODP)
  • Arduino Lesson 2 – PWM & Loops (PDF, ODP)

Hand Sanitizer Project

  • Making Challenge: Hand Sanitizer
  • Arduino Lesson 3 – High Power, Transistors, and Pump (PDF, ODP)
  • Arduino Lesson 4 – IR Sensors, and Control Logic (PDF, ODP)

NDP Flag-Waving Robot Project

  • Making Challenge: Flag Waver
  • Arduino Lesson 5 – Servo Motor (PDF, ODP)
  • Arduino Lesson 6 – Sound Sensor & Control (PDF, ODP)

Programming Tutorials

C Programming:
We won’t dedicate too much time purely for learning programming during class, so you can try out the tutorials at the above site. You really only need the basics.