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2019 – Season 3: Wearables


2019 – Season 2
Plant Science & Technology

Week 1 & 2

This season we will be looking at measuring, the scientific method, gardening/farming, and how technology is used and can further be used to improve our food supply, and our lives in general.

We will finish the season with a project making an automated mini-farm.

Self-Watering Plant
Measuring stuff with the micro:bit
What can the micro:bit measure?

Ambient Light, Temperature (of on-board CPU), Magnetism (like a Compass), and Acceleration in 3 Dimensions (orientation, movement), and various regulated electrical signals on its I/O pins.

How do we display sensor measurements?

ShowNumber block is one quick option.
Let’s quickly try that – demo.

How else can we visualize and track data?
  • Plot Bar blocks are useful for this – especially “show data simulation”
  • The micro:bit app on your iPad can also be used to display numerical data
  • Bitty Data Logger – an app that can track data and log it over time and supports the micro:bit interface

Let’s use the accelerometer, or magnetometer, on the micro:bit.

First, let’s use ShowNumber block to test ranges and behavior of the sensor and its data output.

Then, let’s build some useful code based on this knowledge – pick one to try or come up with your own idea:

  • A compass (show “N”, “S”, “E” or “W” based on magnetometer data)
  • A smart device orientation logic that always points up no matter the orientation (just like your iPad knows to reorient the screen when you tilt the device itself).

2018 – Season 1 – Movie Set Design