Dear Parents,

Thank you for involving your kids in our Season 2 of MakerClub!

In this season, we will be exploring plant science, biology, gardening and farming through scientific measurement, plantin, electronics, and automation.  Each student will be making a self-watering plant as part of their final project.

If your child has participated in MakerClub Season 1, please send $15 for the new set of consumables and electronics we will be using in this season:
Pot, Soil, Hygrometer, DC Pump, Tubing, Jumper Cables, etc.

Otherwise, please send $40, which includes the above, as well as your micro:bit controller base kit, which you can reuse from season to season.

If I can also ask you to remind your kids to bring their kits every week – they need them to make the most out of each session!