CoSpace Rescue Simulation Curriculum

Getting Setup

RCAP – Intro Videos

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To download latest Robocup CoSpace Rescue Simulator click here
(You will need to uninstall previous versions if you downloaded before. This will also delete the default folder where you save your AI files, unless you’ve saved them on a thumb drive or custom area).

The Basics


Strategic Algorithms / State Machines


State/WayFinding DEMO Code

Rescue_U19 demo (comes with installer) – fixed bugs, and added simple State Machine to travel towards Blue Area with Black Objects… (Challenge Map #3)

Gone to C!

  • (Secondary) Lesson 14-18:
  • (Secondary) Lesson 19 – ai.c & Function Libraries
  • (Secondary) Lesson 20- Review Basic ai.c with extended ColorSensor Library
  • (Secondary) Lesson 21- State Machines (again!)
  • (Secondary) Lesson 22- Defining the 2D world in a 2D array, or as a set of structures that define areas of interest
    • Zones where you can find particular objects
    • Zones where there are obstacles (visible or invisible, like border limits)
    • Deposit Zones
    • and so on…
  • (Secondary) Lesson 23-25 – Using State Machine and 2D World definition to create general purpose Rescue algorithms
    • Ordered Paths: Go-To, Stay-In, Break Out, Repeat
  • (Secondary) Lesson 26-28 – A* Search Algorithm

OpenCV Python Tricks

Some schools have started using digital image processing to gather information on new maps in an efficient manner. This deck discusses how to use OpenCV to help detect color features of an image, and how to generate code that can be integrated into your AI.


Current/Recent Competition Information

RCAP 2022 – Competition Link (new maps & results submission)

Sample Map – SG 2022 Prelim 1
Sample Map – RCAP 2022 Prelim

  • Video Submission (only for finalists?)
    • Sample Videos from past few years – note there are significant changes to the presentation template: