CoSpace Rescue Simulation Curriculum

Competition Information

APAC 2021 Finals @ Aichi, Japan – Competition Link

APAC Competitiors

  • Warm-Up: 8-9 Nov 2021
  • Prelims: 13 Nov 2021
    • UTC 12:00am = SGT 8:00am
  • Video Submission Deadline: 17 Nov (only for finalists)
  • Finals take place live over Zoom 20-28 Nov

SG OPEN Competitors

Robocup SG OPEN 2021 Newsletters

Getting Setup

RCAP 2021 – Intro Videos

To download latest Robocup CoSpace Rescue Simulator click here.
(You will need to uninstall previous versions if you downloaded before. This will also delete the default folder where you save your AI files).

The Basics


Strategic Algorithms / State Machines


State/WayFinding DEMO Code

Rescue_U19 demo (comes with installer) – fixed bugs, and added simple State Machine to travel towards Blue Area with Black Objects… (Challenge Map #3)

Gone to C!

  • (Secondary) Lesson 14- ai.c
  • (Secondary) Lesson 15 – Function Libraries
    • Sample ColorSensor Function Library and tester
      • Use online IDE, like Programiz Onlince C Compiler
      • Copy code from above library/tester into the C Compiler window, and Execute
      • Make changes to get all test cases to pass.
        You can save the passing C code as a color library for later use in your ai.c
      • Consider adding test cases for Trap, Collection Box, Special Zone, etc…
  • (Secondary) Lesson 16 – Review Basic ai.c with extended ColorSensor Library
  • (Secondary) Lesson 17 – State Machines (again!)