CoSpace Rescue Simulation Curriculum

If you wish to download the Rescue Simulator on your own computer, follow the instructions here.

The Basics


Strategic Algorithms / State Machines

Advanced Way-Finding

  • Lesson 11- Compass, Heading, and Basic WayFinding
  • Lesson 12- Coordinates & Startegies in World 2
  • (Secondary) Lesson 13- Advanced World: No Walls, x & y coordinates
  • (Secondary) Lesson 14 – Wayfinding with Trigonometry
  • (Secondary) Lesson 15 – Obstacle Avoidance during Wayfinding (Bug Algorithms)

Gone to C!

  • (Secondary) Lesson 16 – ai.c
  • (Secondary) Lesson 17 – Function Libraries
    • Sample ColorSensor Function Library and tester
      • Use online IDE, like Programiz Onlince C Compiler
      • Copy code from above library/tester into the C Compiler window, and Execute
      • Make changes to get all test cases to pass.
        You can save the passing C code as a color library for later use in your ai.c
      • Consider adding test cases for Trap, Collection Box, Special Zone, etc…
  • (Secondary) Lesson 18 – State Machines (again!)