micro:bit Coding Challenge: Cyber Security

This coding challenge is designed for an adult micro:bit program, where the participants only have around 1.5 hours of micro:bit training prior to taking the challenge. It should be suitable for teenagers from age 12 and up, especially if they had more experience with the micro:bit. The challenge is designed for 45mins, but an hour may be more appropriate.

The challenge provides the teams with…

  • Clues. These consists of webpages on this site. The first page is provided, and the team will need to solve each challenge to get the next clue.
  • One Token per team (made from a micro:bit). This contains challenges 0 to 4.
  • One Locked box. This is made from a micro:bit, a servo motor, and any generic box. After solving all the challenges in the token, the team will receive the clue to unlocking the locked box.
  • A countdown webpage. Unlocking the box will review the code needed to stop the countdown. This is optional, and really only meant for setting the atmosphere for the game.

This zip archive contains most of the files needed for the challenge. You’ll also need the clues pages on this website, and you can find a list of URL to these pages in the “clues.txt” file within the zip archive. If you’re running an event, you can use the pages directly from our website, or copy them to your own site, but make sure you get the embedded Javascript if you’re copying.

All documents provided for this coding challenge is licensed under the Creative Commons CC BY license. Basically, you can use or modify it for your own event, regardless of whether it is commercial or non-commercial. Just give us a shout out somewhere.