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Curriculum Integration



  • Math Games
    • Make micro:bit ask various math questions
    • Answer, compare to the micro:bit result, and keep score
    • Replace flash cards for practicing multiplication table

Multiplication Table - Printables & Worksheets

  • Geometrical Patterns
    • Make a dot move across the LED matrix to create shapes like square, triangle, circle, snail


  • Number  Pattern Game
    • Micro:bit will show numbers in sequence (1, 4, ?, 10)
    • Students need to answer and compare results,  keep their score
    • Having to code their own different patterns helps students think of the various types of patterns they can encounter


  • Geometry Calculator
    • Have students program micro:bit to solve Geometry problems like calculating area and perimeter for different shapes
      • Students enter shape type and lengths
      • Compare their micro:bit’s answer to their hand-written results

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  • Measurements & Scientific Method
    • Make a hypothesis
    • Use the micro:bit to measure data
      • Measuring moisture with a hygrometer (what variables affect this?  light, temperature, wind, etc)
      • Measuring light with on-board sensor (how does light affect plant growth?)
      • Measure magnetic force (making actual measurements in electromagnet experience)
    • Test hypothesis with data

Soil Moisture - Microsoft MakeCode


  • Code a Compass
    • Use the on-board magnetometer and LEDs to make a digital compass
    • Test how magnets can interfere with magnetometers
  • Propulsion Lab

    • Use the micro:bit to measure speed of various objects
    • Use accelerometer and/or timer to calculate speed
    • Race objects – see example

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English & Mother Tongue


  • Spelling Game
    • Use True/False on whether words shown are spelled correctly
    • Students press A (True) or B (False), and a score is kept
  • Flash Cards
    • Design the micro:bit to behave like flash cards
    • It flashes a word or sentence in English
    • Student must translate to mother tongue
    • Score is kept


  • Digital Story Cubes
    • Based on the themes used in workbooks, come up with some words that represent ideas from those themes
      • e.g. If we have been reading a book about playground, “slide”, “sandbox”, “children”, “play”, “rain”, etc
      • Randomly pick words On Shake
      • Students take turns telling a story based on the micro:bit random inputs
      • While words may be shown in English, this can be used for creative storytelling exercise in all languages

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Art & Design

  • Digital Animation
    • You can make animations using the 5×5 LED matrix
    • We’ve seen kids make laughing skulls, drinking giraffes, growing flowers, flying spaceships, and much more
  • Wearable Fashion
    • Integrate micro:bit to a fashion


  • Digital Music Studio
    • Kids can Porgram a song with sequences and loops of
      • Tone
      • # of Beats
    • Hook up micro:bit to speakers, headphones, etc.
    • You can even make a silly piano out of various, unlikely objects

microbit music - a-n The Artists Information Company

Physical Education

  • Smart Wearable Device
    • Measure shakes
    • Strap to leg or arm
    • Count steps or exercise movements
    • Report statistics

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