Online Coding (Age 9 to 12)

One of the basic games that the student will learn to create in Python

Our Approach

Our online classes are designed to be small and bespoke, with a maximum group size of 4 students. Beyond the first few foundational lessons, the majority of our lessons are tailored to the group and do not follow a fixed curriculum.

Missile Command type game made by one of our student. Click on the green flag to start playing!

Our Roadmap

Our basic roadmap starts with a block-based language (Scratch) and progress on to a text-based language (Python), using game creation as the main engine to drive learning. But we strongly encourage our students to explore laterally, and “detours” are common in our classes. Past “detours” includes…

  • Creating Mobile Apps
  • Programming Autonomous Robots
  • Algorithmic Challenges from Coding Competitions
  • Coding in other languages (eg. PHP, Java, Javascript, C)
  • Coding using other game engines (eg. Godot)

Asteroids game created by one of our student. Music performed by the student himself! ☺

What You’ll Learn

  • Foundation of coding with block-based languages
  • Coding in Python
  • Create games in Scratch and Python
  • Basic graphics design in both bitmap and vector format
  • A solid understanding of universally applicable computer programming vocabulary, approach, and logic


  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Duration: 1.5hrs.
  • Price: $ 45 SGD per hour


Can younger kids join?

Maybe. To maintain a balanced learning pace, we try to keep all students at around the same age. We make exceptions when the rest of the group are around the bottom of the age range, or when the younger student is a fast learner.

Can older kids join?

The content is suitable, but they might find it more fun to be with other kids their age. Let us know if you have an older child who would like to join, and we’ll see if we can put them with kids closer to their age.

What time slots are available?

Any time, but we can only start a class if we have an instructor available and enough students. Let us know your preferred day and time, and we’ll let you know if we are able to start a class.

Who are the instructors? What are their experiences?

Instructor Cort

  • Ex-Navy engineer
  • Taught coding, robotics, and electronics in Singapore schools ranging from primary to junior college
  • Creator of the GearsBot robotics simulator
  • App developer for QuestLife

Instructor Yoni

  • 15 years in professional software development
  • Founded the Tuft University Robotics Club
  • Over 3 years of experience teaching coding, robotics, and electronics in Singapore schools