EV3 Designs Using Worm Gear Box / Gear Reducer

First, let’s build the simplest worm gear box – credit goes to Builderdude35, where we initially saw this simple build.  But, it’s quite a popular design that seems based on a LEGO Technic part.  The below provides roughly the same building instructions as Builderdude’s in pictorial rather than video format…

Worm Gearbox Build

  1. Get parts
  2. Frame assembly
  3. Thread Worm Gear Into Frame
  4. Add Follower Gear


I was working mainly on demonstrations to students working on the VJC East Zone 2019 Robotics Challenge (Exploration) – so, lifting boxes and manipulating tennis balls.  I came up with two designs that integrate with the LEGO EV3 Driving Base model.

  • Velcro Lift – Reminds me a little of Electromagnet Cranes used in metal scrap yards…
    (Uses the Large Motor – see link for torque-related specs)
  • Fork Lift – Sort of a fork lift for tennis balls… although hard to release, once you’ve got one!
    (Uses the Medium Motor – see link for torque-related specs)

See the peer coding page for generic code for simple EV3-based Remote-Control projects.