CHIJ GDevelop Workshop

WELCOME MESSAGE – Evaluz, a Product Designer at GDevelop on following her passion!


  • Email account (You’ll need this to use the GDevelop Cloud to save games, game assets, etc)
    • Also needed to publish and share your game with others
  • GDevelop Cloud can be used to save games now, so no need to use Drive, but if you prefer your own copy, use your PRIVATE GMAIL ACCOUNT – not school gmail. It seems not to work.

Lessons Materials

Links to GDevelop

Game Design Document

Game Sharing Pages

File Sharing Pages

Use these if you need to :

  • Create a URL for sound or graphic game asset to be used in GDevelop. These are for free game assets you find on the internet, or if you create your own.
  • Share your game.json file with the instructor for troubleshooting. Download your game file using “Save as…” -> “Download a copy”, then use the link below to upload to the instructor (…open the page then click “Select a file”).


  • Images are missing or flickering, graphics looks distorted during preview
    • Make sure to SAVE FIRST!!!
    • Close and restart Safari
    • If that didn’t resolve the issue, clear the cache on your iPad. Clear iPad Cache.
  • Unable to save on Google Drive


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