CHIJ GDevelop Workshop


  • Google Drive account (Needed to save and load project)
    • Not needed if using PC or Mac
  • Email account (You’ll need this to register for a GDevelop account)
    • Only needed to share your game with others

Lessons Materials

Links to GDevelop

Game Design Document

Game Sharing Pages

File Sharing Pages

Use these if you need to share your game.json file with the instructor for troubleshooting. Download your game file using “Save as…” -> “Download a copy”, then use the link below to upload to the instructor (…open the page then click “Select a file”).


  • Images are missing or flickering, graphics looks distorted during preview
    • Make sure to SAVE FIRST!!!
    • Close and restart Safari
    • If that didn’t resolve the issue, clear the cache on your iPad. Clear iPad Cache.
  • Unable to save on Google Drive