GearsBot Tutorial


Line Following

  • Single Sensor (odp / pdf)
    • 2-States, 3-States, and 5-States algorithm
    • Proportional controls
  • Double Sensors (odp / pdf)
    • Use the difference method to line follow with two sensors
  • Obstacles Avoidance (odp / pdf)
    • Obstacles along the line can come in different shapes, sizes, and position. Learn how to navigate around them safely.

Gyro Based Movements

  • Gyro Move (odp / pdf)
    • Pseudo code only
  • Gyro Turn (odp / pdf)
    • Pseudo code only
  • Ending the Loop (ODP / PDF)

Wall Following

Wall following uses the same control techniques as line following, but instead of reflected light intensity, you’ll use the side facing ultrasonic sensor distance as input. In order to be stable, the sensor needs to be in front of the wheels.

First Lego League

Due to the complexity of the mission models, it is difficult to simulate the missions in FLL challenge with a high level of accuracy (…not impossible, but it’s a lot of work). But we can create some worlds which are inspired by the FLL challenges, with slightly modified missions.

  • Links to FLL Gears worlds
    • Links removed as these worlds are now available by default in GearsBot
  • Intro to FLL (odp / pdf)
  • Basketball and Boccia (odp / pdf)