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Guide for Superpowered Robot Mission

Running Pybricks on the EV3 (IMPORTANT!)

  • Turn OFF the EV3, insert the sdcard into your EV3, THEN power it on (See this link)
  • DON’T insert the sdcard into your computer. If you accidentally do so, DO NOT format it.
  • Follow the instructions here to load your program into your EV3 (Link). When selecting a location for the project folder, choose your network drive (…the drive with your NRIC number) or a thumbdrive (…if you have one). If neither of these are available, choose the “D:” drive, but note that you’ll need to use back the same computer next time.
  • You can replace the default code in “”, with the code from GearsBot.


Innovation Project

I’ve only heard about some of the projects, so I may not be able to help much. For those projects that I know of, you can use the resources below. You will need to read and try them out on your own, as I will not be able to guide you through step-by-step. Feel free to ask if you have questions.

  • For projects that need to detect an image or posture (eg. driver falling asleep)
  • For projects that need to connect a device to a phone app (eg. send notification when garbage bin is empty)
    • This set of slides covers how to transfer the code onto an actual ESP8266 micro-controller. It’s recommended you use your own laptop (NOT PLD) instead of the school’s computer as you’ll need to install some software.
    • Hardware: If you need hardware (eg. ESP8266, ultrasonic distance sensors), let me know; I can bring them for you. For sensors that are not covered in the above lessons (eg. ultrasonic distance), you’ll need to do a bit of googling and reading on your own; there are plenty of tutorials online, and I won’t have time to conduct lessons on this for you.

Robocup Autonomous Driving


  • Presentation Slides Template (ODP / PPTX)